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Into the Yellow and Other Stories

Cover of Into the Yellow and Other Stories

216 pages
paperback 978-1-939562-18-0 $12.95
ebook 978-1-934452-16-5 $6.95

Visit ancient Rome, lunar settlements, and alien worlds. Meet zombies and vampires, mermen, dragons, and demons. Experience nano technology and watch history happen from a time machine. Barbara Davies explores the spectrum of speculative fiction in this collection of entertaining and thought-provoking stories.

Table of Contents
1. Into the Yellow
2. Lone Wolf
3. Morris Dancing
4. Cordie and the Merman
5. Caverns of the Heart
6. Babalawo's Drum
7. High Flier
8. Journey to Niskor
9. Time and the Maid
10. Throwback
11. A Question of Gender
12. The House on the Via Aurelia
13. Dog and Kat
14. The Creature in the Cut
15. Demonsbane