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What People Have Said About My Stories

A Goat Has Two Horns

'fun to read ... delightful British tone'

Michael Gabriel Bailey, Tangent Online

'a very creative plot ... and a good read'

C. Dennis Moore, the Swamp

'Children and adults alike will find her book refreshingly different. A good bet for readers who like offbeat fiction.'

Christina Francine Whitcher, Yet Another Book Review Site

Bell, Book and ... ?

'Stories I particularly enjoyed included "Bell, Book, and --?", by Barbara Davies ... about a rather modern way of exorcising a poltergeist haunting a hospital room'

Rich Horton

Dee's Gentlemen

'an Elizabethan fantasy ... that plays with our version of history. Davies has a wonderful touch, making exciting figures like Raleigh and Drake even more fantastic.'

G. W. Thomas, RAGE m a c h i n e Magazine

In The Shit

'Though it contains a few gross, funny moments, "In the Shit" by Barbara Davies is more heartwarming than anything else when a woman who owns a boarding house teams up with a thief and a mercenary to help out an elderly wizard who rents a room from her retrieve a magic bracelet.'

Phil Soletsky, Tangent Online


'This dragon race tale features a plucky heroine, exciting contest and real cinematic action.'

Travis Barrett

Only a Dream

'A cheeky, absorbing, darkly humorous story that had me hooked right to the end.'

Trevor Denyer, Midnight Street

On to Yasukuni

'Spare and lovely, like a Japanese garden ... a fascinating memorial to the mysterious and disturbing kamikaze'

Amy Sterling Casil,

'well worth a read'

Barbara Barrett, Tangent Online

Option: Everest

'a story of life, death, and virtual reality. It begins as a seemingly typical adrenaline-fueled adventure fantasy, but ends up in a much darker and more thought-provoking place. It's an excellent read, and I recommend it highly.'

Alexandria Digital Literature

The Princess and the Barbarian

'a delight'

Patricia White, author of A Wizard Scorned

The Rain Queen

'This tale warns against greed and disrespecting Nature. ... I wanted to stay in that world.'

Scott M. Sandridge, Tangent Online

Sculptor's Medium

'Esme is an endearing main character, and the spirits themselves are quite funny. Davies has made what could have been a gruesome tale into a quirky little story that sustains its quiet humor until the end.'

Aliette de Bodard, Tangent Online

The Seeds of Memory

'a convincing tale ... charmingly written'

Nancy Varian Berberick, Tangent Online

Time's Change

'an intriguing time-travel story dealing with the nature of science. I enjoyed its twists, and I think you will, too.'

Alexandria Digital Literature

Visions in Midnight Blue

'reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey's work, only shorter. ... The themes and the world are also reminiscent of some of the Darkoverian themes of Marion Zimmer Bradley.'

Science Fiction Romance Online

The Witch's Revenge

'a superbly witty and readable sequel to Hans Christian Andersen's "The Tinder Box"'

Megan Arkenberg, Mirror Dance