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Licensed to Spy

Cover of Licensed to Spy

318 pages
paperback 978-1-934452-97-4 $16.95
ebook 978-1-934452-93-6 $8.95

Most booksellers (including Amazon) stock Licensed to Spy. In addition, you can buy it in various ebook formats from Bedazzled Ink here.

While the rest of the Canary Islands celebrates Carnaval, British secret agents Ashley Blade and Jemma Jacobs try to unravel a Libyan terrorist plot against the United States. If they don't succeed, it's goodbye to Boston and the U.S. eastern seaboard. Then the Libyan terrorists launch a new nefarious plot in Brazil, and Ash and Jemma scramble to save the world from a deadly sarin attack.
Ash and Jemma finally return home to London for some much needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, where Ash and Jemma go, trouble is not far behind.

Read an excerpt here.

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