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Christie and the Hellcat

Cover of Christie and the Hellcat

304 pages
paperback 978-1-939562-16-6 $15.95
ebook 978-1-934452-17-2 $9.95

Zee Brodie can't seem to walk down the street without being reminded of her days as the notorious outlaw, Hellcat. Never mind that she paid her dues in Yuma Prison and is now the Deputy Sheriff of Cochise County.
Life for an outlaw-turned-deputy is never going to be tranquil. When Zee and her prisoner seek shelter in the home of the enchanting Miss Christie Hayes, the encounter imperils both Zee's life and her heart.


'This first offering from new publisher Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company is an entertaining read and Barbara Davies is a master at dropping one-sentence morsels at the end of almost every chapter foreshadowing what is to come and tantalizing the reader to push on to read just one more.'

Anna Furtado, Just About Write

'The talented Barbara Davies has delivered a delightful lesbian fiction story set in the Old West. [...] Very enjoyable book. Recommended accompaniments are a tall glass of sasparilla and a warm summer day.'

K. Johnson, an Amazon review