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The Giulia Effect and Other Stories

Cover of The Giulia Effect and Other Stories

196 pages
paperback 978-1-960373-44-1 $14.95
ebook $8.99

My third story collection comprises fourteen Fantasy and Science Fiction short stories. Their settings range from Elizabethan England to a far-flung future where space stations, stargates, and aliens are the norm. In these pages you will find sirens and werewolves, unicorns, fairies, and supernatural black dogs, witches and princesses, smugglers, plant hunters, cesspit cleaners and more.

Table of Contents
1. The Giulia Effect
2. Time Beasts
3. A Tinseltown Fairytale
4. The Ystrelan Ambassador
5. Wind Rider
6. The Rain Queen
7. Black Dog
8. In the Shit
9. Lilka's Lullaby
10. The Dragonbird
11. Dee's Unicorn
12. A Trip to Lagasy
13. The Princess and the Frog
14. The Windseller's Gift