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Frederica and the Viscountess

Cover of Frederica and the Viscountess

164 pages
paperback 978-1-934452-48-6 $9.95
ebook 978-1-934452-50-9 $6.95

June 1815. Joanna, Viscountess Norland arrives at her brother's country residence, Thornbury Park. Her notoriety and recent exploits on the war torn Continent precede her, and her presence in the quiet neighborhood causes quite a stir. Scandal aside, Frederica must continue her visits there or forfeit the attentions of the Viscountess's dull brother-in-law and endure her mother's tiresome reminders that she's getting past her prime.
Complications arise when a friend from Joanna's checkered past, Lord Peregrine, takes a fancy to Frederica's younger sister. Frederica and the Viscountess join forces to stop a potential scandal and discover they have more in common than anyone would suspect.


Five years ago, plantation owner Thomas Digges and his sons left Margaret Etherege for dead. Now known as Murdering Meg, a notorious pirate, she's ready to exact her revenge on her former master. And when a brigantine sets sail for England, with Digges's nubile daughter Alice and her dowry on board, Meg decides to relieve its captain of his valuable cargo.

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