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Dee's Gentlemen and Other Stories

Cover of Dee's Gentlemen and Other Stories

234 pages
paperback 978-1-945805-58-5 $14.95
ebook 978-1-945805-00-4 $8.95

Most booksellers (including Amazon) should eventually stock Dee's Gentlemen.

Publisher's Blurb
Award winning Science fiction and Fantasy writer, Barbara Davies, has put together another mind-scratching "what if" collection of fantasy short stories including England's Dr. Dee, mermaids, orcs, tree spirits, princesses, a Lavender knight, witches, and a heart-stopping Kentucky Derby in the sky. A perfect companion to Davies' Into the Yellow and Other Stories.

Table of Contents
1. Dee's Gentlemen
2. Morris and the Mermaid
3. M-Day
4. Toril and Cort
5. The Princess and the Barbarian
6. The Stone Prince
7. The Witch's Revenge
8. Leaping Brook's Tale
9. Tracking the Mapinguari
10. The Lavender Knight
11. Spirit of the Glade
12. The Seeds of Memory
13. Orc for Hire
14. Irascible