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Bourn's Edge

Cover of Bourn's Edge

224 pages
paperback 978-1-939562-17-3 $12.95
ebook 978-1-934452-53-0 $6.95

Most booksellers (including Amazon) stock Bourn's Edge. In addition, you can buy it in various ebook formats from Bedazzled Ink here.

Following an attempt to kill her, librarian Cassie Lewis leaves the only life she's ever known and flees west into the mist-shrouded borderlands that lie between England and Wales. There, the sleepy, hillside village of Bourn's Edge provides a safe haven for her to regroup and decide what to do next, and reclusive local artist Tarian Brangwen provides an intriguing and welcome distraction.
But Cassie soon makes a startling discovery that turns her world upside down. For deep in the heart of the adjacent Bourn Forest lies an entrance to Faerie, and the enigmatic Tarian is much more than she appears...

Read an excerpt here.

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